About me

Hey there! My name is Lillian.

I am a multifaceted creative from Toronto, ON, Canada 
passionate about advocating for positive online and
offline end-user experiences.

I am comfortable going through the discovery to delivery
phases within the design thinking process for a project cycle.

My inspiration comes from previous work-related experiences 
in various customer-facing industries, such as hospitality, retail (department and high-end) and non-profit sectors.

Through these experiences, I've understood the crucial role that
customer experience plays in the success of a product, service
and or business.

I am open to facilitation, research, service and experience
and product design roles.




Brand Identity
Web Design
User Experience
Graphic Design
(Print & Web)
Light Photo Retouching



UX Consultant

UX/Web Dev

Digital Production




Brainstorming facilitator


Community Circle Trust

Humber CCBI + City of

Nostalgia Studios

Centre for Social Innovation
Square Circle HQ

Markio Design Inc.

WildMoon Jewelry

Random facts, values and love


The computer room:

After watching a computer commercial on TV, my brother and I convinced our father to buy a computer shortly after we had set up a dedicated computer room

Fact: Self-taught photographer. 

Fact: I won first runner-up in my first design challenge in the first year of my degree program.

That's a lot of firsts in one breath!

I value personal development and love to learn
through others, experiences and personal curiosities. 

I VALUE connecting and supporting others in the different communities I'm a part of.

I love new experiences, whether cultural, active, adventure or culinary.

I love nature, it inspires and refuels me. 

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