Creating a playful and inspiring
experience for visitors post-pandemic.


The public has been in a lengthy isolated phase from the covid pandemic. As public spaces re-open, galleries welcome visitors back and re-think the museum experience on what galleries can offer visitors. It has been shown that art has a positive impact on mental health. It is an educational, wellness and playful experience that can de-stress and inspire individuals. Humber College and The AGO would like to explore ideas for bringing participants together through art onsite and online in a meaningful and impactful way, 

Roles: Experience Designer, Ideation Facilitator, Designer 

Tools: Journey Mapping, Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 2 weeks

The Challenge

As we emerge from a period of great change, what might museums such as the AGO offer a playful and inspiring
art experience for visitors?


Feedback from a focus group revealed perceptions of
the AGO deter a broader
demographic from visiting the museum.


Creating a warm and inviting campaign that enables play, expression and inclusion called:
Come as you are.


Discovery Phase

Virtual Information Session

I attended a virtual information session where I learned about the requirements, focus group feedback, challenges projects AGO explored in the past, notes on operations and details about the audience; they would like us to focus on the challenge. 


Identifying Target Audience

25 years old and younger

During the information session, I learned there are no target audiences, but they would like to attract a younger crowd of 25 years and younger since this group does not feel welcome in the gallery.

How might we reach 
a diverse audience?

Define Phase

Journey Mapping

A visit to the AGO

Focusing on the younger demographic that feels unwelcomed at the gallery allowed my team and I to brainstorm their possible journey when visiting the AGO.

It also answered some concerns this group faces when visiting the museum and allowed us to brainstorm ideas and concepts that would interest them in visiting.



Prototype 1

Envisioning yourself
through historical artworks

Proposed solution

Replicating selected works with a cut-out in the painting replaced with mirrors and placing them beside the original artwork can enable visitors to see themselves through the image in a historical context while welcoming engagement and changing the narrative of how people feel in art spaces. 

Prototype 2

Interactivity and Community Feedback, expression and connection through transparency

Proposed solution

An interactive wall that displays video, photo, and written content submitted using the hashtag "#Comeasyouare #AGO" can display short clips and pictures of people's interpretation of art, their favourite parts of
the gallery, and anything art-related.

Guests can drag and select the contents from the wall they wish to view, watch, or listen to. 


Prototype 3

Speakers Corner

Proposed solution

Paying homage to Toronto's historical and innovative communication artifact. Visitors can feel a sense of inclusion through an inspired model of the speaker's corner experience. Where they can express themselves through art, the AGO recordings can be captured but not released. 

Visitors can view other recordings from the same interactive wall (refer to prototype 2), watch live recordings from a tv screen mounted on the back of the display, OR a wall can feature different devices with recordings available for visitors to view.


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