Improving website conversions

How might we connect the 
in-store shopping experience
back to the website?


I was interested in understanding Loblaws shoppers' in-store behaviour because its website generates less traffic and conversion than its physical stores. To address this, I conducted ethnographic research with three participants to gain insight into their shopping habits and identify opportunities to encourage them to visit the Loblaws website for their shopping needs.

Roles: UX research, experience design

Tools: User interviews,

Duration: 4 months

Information Gathering

Discovery Phase

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis with a heuristic evaluation and SWOT analysis

User Interviews With A Task Analysis

A competitive analysis allowed me to review the Loblaws digital experience to understand the strengths and pain points that customers may face while browsing the website. 

A task analysis was conducted with three participants who shopped in-store at
Loblaws weekly. 

Learning about their lifestyle habits, shopping experiences, and perspectives of Loblaws in-store and online through the task analysis allowed me to assess their familiarity with the website while observing their experiences when carrying out assigned tasks. The task analysis provided insights into new challenges while comparing our initial findings.


I conducted an ethnographic study with three participants at different Loblaws locations and at times of the day and week. 

During the study, I observed their thoughts, actions, reactions, and behaviours. Throughout the experience, I looked for pain points and opportunities that connect back to increasing online engagement with the Loblaws website. 


Define Phase

Competitive Analysis with a heuristic evaluation and SWOT analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis to help identify problem areas within the website. This method helped me to gain a better understanding of the website's pain points. 


How might we connect the 
in-store shopping experience
back to the website?

Current signage in stores aims to increase customer loyalty and makes efforts to increase
awareness of their online catalogue. 
Addressing pain points such as basket size limitations
distance may convert more shoppers to visit the website since this addresses
awareness and convenience.

Develop Phase


Developing a QR code with branding signage in-store with call-to-actions that encourage the customers to shop online.


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